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Hundreds of applications. Thousands of processes. Millions of combinations. ONE iPaaS. Celigo allows all its teams to automate corporate processes.

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The Challenge

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The variety of enterprise systems available today addresses many of the conceivable challenges a business might have. Most of these systems are simple to use, easy to configure, offer beautiful interfaces, and require no training.

Because systems are so easy to deploy, IT teams are no longer responsible for purchasing and implementing many of these systems. Now individual departments can choose the best systems they want to best handle their specific tasks.

But as amazing and essential as systems can be, is it possible to have many of them? Isolated employees in different departments may not see how their individual data and processes fit into the wider organization, and these systems generate and need their own data. However, many critical business processes — quote-to-pay, inventory management, procurement-to-pay, and many more — span a variety of systems across multiple departments.

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As the volume of data grows, so do data silos, leading to manual processes, data entry, management through spreadsheets and email, lack of visibility across the organization, and costly manual errors. The fluid exchange of information is critical in any organization, large or small.

As an organization's data volume and complexity expands, establishing a robust automation strategy is critical. A key component of this approach involves connecting disparate applications.

This process is known as “integration”, and to achieve it, most companies use a hodgepodge of tactics to combine their various business processes. But this is no longer necessary! With Celigo it is possible to integrate the systems in a simple and fast way.


Celigo is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) that allows IT and business teams to automate corporate processes and integrate systems, making the organization more agile and accelerating its growth.

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Discover the benefits of Celigo below.

systems integration
    • Integrate any corporate or data system to any other corporate system.
    • Automate and optimize end-to-end business processes.
    • Accelerate digital transformation programs across the organization.

Self-Serve Support

This is where software robots (bots) come in, which will handle the most common and most recurring demands in an automated way without the intervention of a human attendant.

Automation and optimization
program acceleration

Human Support

With a good part of the services made in the upper layers, here come the professional attendants who will have the entire history of that customer in the palm of their hand for an assertive and effective conversation.

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Get it Now

If you have a team or professional responsible for your company's IT, the purchase can be made on the UiPath website. If you do not have this professional, Siena Company can help you with this task, appointing a specialist on the platform.
As with any corporate solution, purchasing the product is just the first step. This is followed by a journey that includes:

  • platform parameterization
  • third-party software integration
  • integrated tests
  • system administrator training
  • user empowerment
  • put into production
  • platform monitoring

Siena Company has qualified professionals to support you on this journey in the model that best suits your digital transformation strategy.
If you need more information, or a product demo, or any additional clarification, please contact us.